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Current Music:Lacuna Coil
Time:01:20 pm
Current Mood:sillysilly
I think I'm back for the time being o.o I've been away for soooooo long, BUT I was getting my Hameln high again when I found out there is a sequel!!!! With Hamel's demon son, which, if I'm not mistaken ALL of Hamel's kids would have demon blood. Not just Great. But I read what I could find, chapters 1-22 on ourmanga.com. Well I had all but forgot about my LJ when I stumbled on Symphony #9's site with the manga scans and I saw the scans that i had colored, oh so long ago. Though I have to say, looking at them, this http://www.angelfire.com/anime6/symphony9gallery/Hamelhorns-AkiraKaitaki.jpg is still my favorite, even if the colors are not right, I still pride myself more in that coloring than any coloring I have ever done. Well I guess that's it for now ^^
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Current Music:watching TV
Current Location:home
Subject:On the topic of AMA.....
Time:09:36 am
Current Mood:okaywhoot!
Well, I was looking at their events that were going to be held and decided that these are the ones that I HAVE to go to:


Original Writing
Piano Squall's Concert
Mari Ijima's Concert
Writing Manga (maybe)
Revolutionary Girl Utena
Para Para Lessons

Basic Japanese Language
Amature Voice Acting (maybe)
Kimono Workshop (maybe)
Either Voice Acting or Cosplay from Japan
Kristine Sa's Concert

Gender in Japan

somewhere in there I would like to see

Plastic Little
Mermaid Forest
Read or Die TV
Slayers: Book of Spells
Mythical Detective Loki
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Current Music:Bloody Tears~ Akumajo Dracula X OST
Time:11:16 am
Current Mood:awakeawake
AMA is in three days!!!!! THREEE!@!!!!!

I'm going to be goin g as Link from Ocarina of Time, well, young Link. Gosh, work has kept me really busy in the last month. I switched jobs by the way, now I work in a Deli at a gas station, fun.... my window gets raped almost every day v.v and it's those mexicans that do it, but sheesh, 7 chicken breasts x.x that leaves me with like 1 in my window unless I have myself a back up in the warmer or another bag in the window.

I wonder if Futch will be showing at AMA? maybe with Bright? hmmm...

I still can't wait though, tis going to be fun, even if I have like nothing to spend in the venders room. well, I leave for work! Fun....
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Current Music:La Mer
Time:11:13 am
Current Mood:frustratedfrustrated
I fucking hate it all!!!! I'm so stressed, and I know I am because I'm getting extreamly frustrated at this fucking online baking crap! I can't figure a fucking thing out and I don't have a clue what the fuck my customer whatever number is and they should make the damn thing easier to understand!!!!! I just want to break something and throw it at someone. I hate it all and I wish things would be easier to do. I can't even get my ID information I clicked the forgot ID link and it asked for my account # my card #'s and my pin, so I did that, then it said I wasn't enrolled in whatever the hell it was so I clicked that and then it asks me to log in >.< How the fuck am I supposed to log in when I don't know what the fuck my ID is!!!?????? Goddammit!!!!! Things should be easier for the computer illeterate people who don't know what the hell the banks website is composed of!!! And on top of that, no one reads my stories, or reviews, on fictionpress I have 4 reviews and that was from chapter 4, it has up to chapter 9 and there are still no reviews, I should just give up entirly on everthing that I've ever dreamed of doing, since there is no way I can ever achive it, I can't draw anymore, my talent has left me, I get frustrated easily and apparently my writing sucks ass since no one likes/read it.... there is just no purpose anymore.
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Current Music:Le Mar~ Suikoden IV OST
Subject:Ok, I need opinions
Time:11:08 pm
Current Mood:tiredtired
Alright now, this is the intro to my story The Legend of Garther: The Prophecy and I need some opinions on it, because I have my story, up to 8-9 chapters and only have 4 reviews T-T so I beg your opinions! If you find it even somewhat interesting, the story can be found at www.fictionpress.com/~violinisthamel Thanks a bunchies for the people who leave feedback!

Lunarn, a beautiful planet torn by the arc of war. The King of Arimir wants to have the three continents of Lunarn under his rule, for him and his three sons to follow him, they will relentlessly try to accomplish this. Though Arimir is not the only kingdom that wants complete control, the city of Flenceburg will have many roles to play in the act of the world. Some of which will determine the fate of all the races.

Garther, a man who could see into the future using forbidden arts had seen and prophesied the revival of the Demon King Zerith. Zerith, the demon king, put under eternal slumber by the angels has begun to stir causing an uproar with the demons. The things that Garther had foreseen would change the thoughts and outcomes of the human race as well as the other races that inhabit Lunarn. He saw that angels and demons, along with some of the other races will destroy the demon lord for good and bring about peace to Lunarn. Most people thought the idea of angels and demons along side each other was something that would never happen. He told that the seven to bring about the demons arise had the power of the elements on their side and they could use them, more powerfully than anyone else.

Before Garther had died, he wrote his foretelling in the stone around his soon to be tomb. Once in place, he sealed his powers over time into the forest and made a single map to his tomb. That map only spawned seven copies. Garther, though having many people who did not believe him, had a handful of strong believers in him, most of the people who followed him began to think of him as a messenger of the angels, seeing as most people believed that angels held the key to fate. As soon as Garther died his prophecies were lost, all record of his existence was erased, the cause of this was four people, known as The Four magic's.

But as we all know, prophecy becomes rumor, rumor becomes legend, and legend... becomes myth.
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Current Music:Le Mar ~ Suikoden IV OST
Time:10:18 pm
Current Mood:happyhappy
Short update, I recived my long awaited Suikoden IV OST and was dissapointed by the Chrono Cross one -_-; it was the Ever Anime version >.< theiving scoundrals!!! I don't like ever anime, not very good quality sounds and they took out a song on the Suikoden II OST *mad really mad* The song that plays when you are in a strategic battle, the neat chanty thingy with the cool music. I love that song... T-T I want to get the Suikoden OST badly though, but do not have enough money for it, spent it all on Violinist of Hameln stuff ~.~;;;

OH! My step dad cut my quarter pannel off of my car and will be getting a new one either next weekend or the one after that, by that time, I should have saved up the $200 sum for it so it will not be too much of a problem, gas, that will be as well as insurence. I need to get a well paying job so that I can have more spendable money. Then I can get things I really want and get others things as well, LAST FEW SUIKODEN OST'S HERE I WILL BE COMMING FOR YOU!!!!!!!

Ok I'm done now ~.~;;;;
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Current Music:NONE!!!!
Time:07:57 pm
Current Mood:weirdwhoo!
Today I worked from 9am to 6pm!! WhOO!!! More money for my spending pleasures!!! ^^;; or so I'd like to think so. I got the second Care Bears DVD volume in the mail last night and will watch it laters, yay! and I completely and utterly forgot what I was going to put in here @_@ damn you memory!!! what is wrong with me lately though? I really don't know. I gots a lovely bunch of coconuts! Ok I'm done. Anyway, I have decided that, though I would love to eat all the candy I bought from discount Halloween candy, I will not be doing so. After I am done with these York cookies I will be having a regularly eating times and portions. I'm starting to get chubbly T-T (must... get.... Kuja stomach!! GAH!!!)

Oh yes!! I rememebred what I was going to put down! In StepMania for my computer I just found out that I can change the backgrounds of the songs ^.^ well guess what they are getting changed to? Violinist of Hameln!! I changed one to see if it would work, I changed the background of Pink Dinosaur to Drum and hued him pink. So now I play this caring loving song with Drum in the background, pink, lol.

If your wondering, these are the lyrics to the song:

Dino dino, do-da-do-da-do
You're a sweet little dinosaur
Dino dino, do-da-do-da-do,
You're a pink little dinosaur

Dino, dino, won't you play with me?
I'm your friend, and you know you'll always be
Mine forever, we could be as one
Laughing, playing, always having fun

You love candy, and you like to play
Hide and seek all day
I'm so happy just to be with you
Hope that you feel it too

Dino dino, do-da-do-da-do
You're a sweet little dinosaur
Dino dino, do-da-do-da-do
You're a pink little dinosaur

Whahahaha!!!!! Ok I'm done.
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Current Music:what? is this even music or considered being so?
Time:05:22 pm
Current Mood:happyhappy
I'm so happy, yesterday, I recived II and III of Hameln novel and the color movie manga ^.^ it made my night. I kept starring at vol III with a wide mouth because the art is sooooo beautiful. Oh yes! I have five new games ^_^ I bought my reserve of Suikoden Tactics, I also got Jade Cacoon (hey it was $3), Threads of Fate, Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure (mainly because it said musical and because the main characters name is Cornet, and that is very close to Coronet ^^) My last game I got, and FINALLY!!!!!! Chrono Cross!!! I've been wanting that game for a long time now. But I've only played a bit of that game... as the other ones... ~.~;;; I've been playing Rhapsody and I'm pissed at it >.< Prince Ferdinand was turned to stone and STOLEN!! T-T he's so hot too..... Ok my rant is over now ^.~
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Current Music:Hoshi no ~ Record of Lodoss War
Time:02:31 pm
Current Mood:enthralledOverly Joyed
OMG!!! I just recived the Violinist of Hameln novel aaaaaannnnnnnddddd!!! I don't think its the first one, buuuuutttttt its awsome!! Even though I cannot read a word of it other than it being dedicated to Ludwig van Beethoven, what it says on the front cover; The Violinist of Hameln in a neat greenish silver coloring, Michiaki Watanane+Osamu Kudou;

Angel Concerto
Prelude: A Great fool's daydream
First Motif: Sizer in Blue Memory
Tragic Tune: Princess of Black Wing
Nostalgic Melody: A Nocturne of Fallen Angel
Dramatic Finale: A Metamorphosis of Two-Angels

Then on the inside, I can read the characters names (if you haven't figured it out, its in English ~.~;;;)

But I have no clue who Piatti is O.o don't remember her in the manga anywhere (unless she is in it and I just haven't got that far... ~.~;; mainly because I don't OWN the manga..... yet) But she's this lil cute girl with black wings, asuming she's the Princess of Black Wing.

Also, the 27th manga movement, Pandora's Box, is the cover picture for Sizer in Blue Memory, that is what makes me think it is not actually the first novel of the novel series. But all through the book it has wonderful illistrations in it, they are all so cute ^.^

Oh yes! When you open the book, the first thing that you notice is the basically naked Sizer poster thingy. She's not entirley naked (has gloves on but thats it) Its a pretty colored picture though. *needing to learn Japanese so that she may read the book* ~.~;;;

The other manga that came with it is another Watanabe work. I'm not sure what it is called though. It has a girl with pink hair on the cover with a "P" and "F" balls in her hair that hang down. The male on the vover has blue hair and a mini-knights outfit on ~.~;;; I'm not exactly sure what all is going on in it but it appears to be a very comical manga ^^;; *still needing to learn Japanese very fluently so she may read it*

Nonetheless I am very happy to have gotten them ^.% and cannot wait to recive the other two novels as well *does happy dance*
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Current Music:none~!! Its 3:05 in the morning!!!
Time:03:01 am
Current Mood:ecstaticecstatic
I am happy now!! I just bidded and won, the II and III novels of VoH, I wanted the third one really badly because I had heard about the novel merchandise and that was the picture that was shown for it. When I saw the art on the cover of it I was just in awe, it was very pretty and I wanted it, and now I've got it! For $9.99 plus shipping! *stream of excitement* Yay!!! Sorry to all those who wanted them but didn't bid on them ~.~;; I recently found out about the higher maximum bid thingy, sooo next time a good cell comes on, I can guarentee my winning of it, hopefully. But is it me or is cell #1 that is shown NOT from VoH O_o I know #3 is Medusa from the movie but I dont' remember seeing that girl in the series, she doesn't even look of the same art work. *shrugs*
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View:Yaoi And Shounen Ai Forums. Kabuka. Akira Kaitaki's original works. Luc and Sasari Forums. Maiden of the Stars works (GO READ!!!!).
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